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Details For Our Participating Artists

Below are some general reminders for our artists that will be participating in this year's show.

Participation Details​

  • Artists interested in participating in "Highlight" are required to register - the registration deadline is Friday, April 28th. The registration form can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Artwork entered in the show must be dropped off on your indicated drop-off date. We are unable to make individual drop-off accommodations - work cannot be dropped off at the reception desk.

    • Drop-off dates are Wednesday, May 10th from 5 pm-6 pm and Saturday, May 13th from 10 am-12 pm​

  • All artwork must be ready to hang/display - River Tree Arts' guidelines for hanging/displaying artwork can be found below.​

  • River Tree Arts will process all sales, but will not take a percentage of the sale. If an artist’s work sells through the show we encourage, but do not require, a suggested minimum donation of $15. This helps cover payment and processing costs associated with the sale.

  • If a piece sells through the show the artist’s payment will be available for pickup by late June/early July. Artists will be notified at the end of the show regarding the sale status of their piece(s).

  • The Highlight show opening reception is set for Friday, May 26th. 

  • The show's runtime will be from May 26th - June 16th. All unsold work will be made available for pickup on June 17 between 10 am and 12 pm. Safe storage of artwork not picked up on June 17th is not guaranteed. 

  • Participating artists' work will be photographed and images will be used publically for social media, as well as on the River Tree Arts and River Tree Galleries websites. If a participating artist shared website details that information will also be shared publicly/online (this excludes email and phone numbers).

Hanging Requirements

Our volunteer installation team handles submissions with great care. Please make sure that your work is properly prepared for presentation.


  • Art to be hung on the wall must have a hanging system that is in working order: Wire, sawtooth hanging hardware, D-rings, or similar, which is securely anchored into the frame and can handle the weight of the piece. We cannot guarantee the safety of submissions having cardboard backs with a foldable hanging feature, adhesive-backed hangers, or any other aspect of the presentation feature which is unstable. If we cannot display a piece safely it will be excluded from the exhibit. 

  • All artwork must be completely dry and ready prior to drop-off.

  • Regarding jewelry, ceramics, sculptures, etc: Our presentation fixtures are limited - artists are welcome to submit their own if they choose. If artists choose to provide a display please ensure it is labeled with your contact details, the title/description of the item it will display, and whether it accompanies the art when sold.


  • All works must be labeled on the back, left corner - containing the artist's name, the work's title, media, dimensions, and price (price not applicable for fundraiser events).

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