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Questions & Answers about the

Small Works Fundraiser

Frequently asked questions

Is the fundraiser in person or virtual?

Both! We are offering in-person previews of the show for a small fee of $50. In-person previews are restricted to a group of 6 or less and will be scheduled for 30 minutes where your group will have access to walk the entire gallery. If you decide to purchase a piece on Monday, September 7th you will be able to apply the $50 towards one piece (this does not apply to virtual auction). You may not purchase a piece before Monday, September 7th and must wait to make your purchase when the fundraiser goes live. The virtual auction and the fundraiser will both be conducted online. On Monday, September 7th we will go live for the virtual auction portion of the fundraiser from 6-7pm. That same day all of the pieces that were available for viewing in-person will be made available online to purchase, starting at 7pm.

If I reserve an in-person preview can I purchase a piece during my viewing?

No, all pieces will be made available for purchase on Monday, September 7th. The in-person viewings are considered a preview event.

How do I purchase a piece in the virtual auction?

The auction will be conducted via a virtual platform (Zoom, or similar) where you will need to log on and be online to bid. Bids will be taken for a set time during the live stream. If you have the winning bid we will contact you to secure payment details for your new piece!

How do I purchase a piece in the general fundraiser sale?

Pieces in the general sale portion of the fundraiser will be available for purchase online after the live aution portion has ended, starting at 7pm on September 7th. At that time you will be able to review the entire digital catalog of available pieces, purchase any one(s) you like, and secure payment and shipping or pickup details.

What about 100 x 100?

The Small Works Fundraiser will be replacing the annual 100 x 100 event as River Tree Arts' new annual fundraising opportunity. We took time to review what made 100 x 100 a great event and have tried to incorporate all of the best parts into the Small Works Fundraiser, so we hope you find it familiar, but also new and exciting.


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