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Rhodes I_6x6_2022.jpg

Seascapes of the Mediterranean
featuring Amalia Tagaris

Welcome to the Micro Galleries "Seascapes of the Mediterranean" exhibit, featuring Amalia Tagaris. Here you will find the full image gallery of the exhibit. Learn more about exhibit by visiting the "About The Exhibit" link and purchase works online through the "Purchase Works" link down below.


Questions about this exhibit, the works, or the artist? Contact the Gallery at

Opening Reception 

Saturday, Octomber 15th  |  5-7pm 

River Tree Arts

35 Western Avenue

Kennebunk, ME 04043


Also see the exhibit during regular River Tree Arts hours of operation.

Seascapes of the Mediterranean

Windward II_12x12_2022
Santorini Red Beach Bay_16x16_2022
Windward Bay III_12x12_2021
Santorini Cove_12x12_2022
Rhodes White Sails_6x6_2022
Santorini by Sea_16x7_2022
Rhodes III_6x6_2022
Rhodes II_6x6_2022
Peloponessos I_10x8_2022
Rhodes I_6x6_2022
Naxos Sails II_16x12_2022
Mykonos IV_8x8_2022
Naxos Sails I_20x16_2022
Mykonos III_8x8_2022
Monotype_Santorini VII_2022
Monotype_Santorini VI_2022
Monotype_Santorini V_2022
Monotype_Santorini IV_2022
Monotype_Mykonos Cove_2022
Monotype_Milos Cove II_2022
Milos Seaside_24x12_2022
Hydra II_10x8_2022
Milos II_16x7_2021
Milos I_16x7_2021
Milos by Sea_16x7_2022
Hydra I_10x8_2022
Evia III_16x7_2021
Evia II_14x11_2022
Evia I_12x9_2021
Crete I_16x7_2021
Aegean White Sails I_6x6_2022
Chalkidiki Beach_14x11_2022
Aegean White Sails II_5x7_2022
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