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Preview the general fundraiser sale pieces below! 

All of the works pictured below will be part of the general fundraiser sale, starting Monday, September 7th at 7pm. These works will be available to purchase for $125 online only. Click on any image of interest to obtain the artist and piece's name. 

To preview the silent auction pieces, please click here

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Marilyn Eimon - Scarsdale

Elizabeth Eickmann - The Magic of Goochs

Susan Palmer - Lobster Bowl

Susan Palmer - Sea Monster Bowl

Serina Ruggeri - Set of hand sewn pillow

Nora Tryon - Gratitude

Megan Bliss - School of Fish

Leslie Robbins - Seen Better Days

Leslie Robbins - Better Days

Katie Mooney - House Plant

Joseph Barnett - Untitled

Gagnon - Untitled

Joanne F Desmond - Untitled

Dark Reconstruction - The Way

Eileen Foley - Untitled

Brendan Roddy - Swimming Koi In Blue

Brendan Roddy -  Coastal Rain

Brendan Roddy - Swimming Koi in Orange

Alysson Homa - Ocean Fury

Alysson Homa - Day Is Done

Alice Carroll - Silver and Copper Pendan

Rae Ingwersen - Collage 1 & 2

Jenne James - Today



Deborah Randall - Maine Color

Fanny Brodar - Untitled

Scott McNeff - Monhegan Island Looking S

Andrea Mabee - Untitled #2

Andrea Mabee - Untitled #1

Lisa Loder - Resin Waves #2

Lisa Loder - Resin Waves #1

Victoria Costakis - Stilllife meditation

Mignon Dupepe - Cherry Sweet

Janis Carty - Valentine Roses In Bloom

Janis Carty - Bountiful Day

Mary Ann Kennedy - Gateway To The Batson

Janis Carty - Beach Rose

Georgia Renfroe - French Poppy

Georgia Renfroe - River Mouth

Mary Ann Kennedy - %22The Spirit%22 from

John Forssen - Eye Of The Storm

Nicholas Howley - Perkins Perspective

Barbara Berry - Happy Little Melange

Nicholas Howley - Point The Way 2

Nicholas Howley - Parsons 2

Angelique Luro - High Water 1

Angelique Luro - High Water 3

Angelique Luro - High Water 2

Marguerite Genest - Cookies and Milk

Marguerite Genest - Lemons Cherries

Marguerite Genest - Carpe Diem


Sandra Chase Morrissey - Dynamic Ocean S

Michael Lee - Wall Gargoyle

Christine Anuszewski - Cape Porpoise Din

Michael Lee - Wall Dragon

Susan Colburn Motta - Vista

Paula Gagnon - Kennebunk Railroad Trestl

Piper Castles - Green Wave

Loretta Turner - Little Cranberry Isle V

Paula Gagnon - Cardinal On Feeder

Linda Van Tassell - Seafoam

Linda Van Tassell - Reach For The Beach.

Jan Van Tassell - Maine Coast

Jan Van Tassell - Maine Surf

Christine Hull - Best Friend

Janet Ledoux - Hession Hill Barn

Annette Cardullo - Handstand

Annette Cardullo - Fallow

Annette Cardullo - No need to rhyme

Mary Elizabeth Grady - Untitled

Jonathan Ottke - Number 15

Jonathan Ottke - Number 16

Agnes Baker - Ladies At The Beach

Deborah Brodeur - Red Door

Amanda McWhirk - Anemone

Abbeth Russel - Untitled - Mixed Media I

Rebekah Lowell - Turbatt's Creek


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Paula Gagnon - Cardinal On Feeder