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In-Person Previews

About in-person previews

By purchasing an in-person preview you will be able to visit the Small Works Fundraiser at River Tree Arts and see all the works that will be available in the virtual auction and online sale, starting Monday, September 7th. Each in-person preview is 30 minutes and can be booked for up to 6 individuals. Regardless of how many you book the time for, your group will have the gallery all to yourselves!

The cost associated with a preview is $50 per group. If you decide to purchase a piece on Monday, September 7th you will be able to apply the $50 towards one piece (this does not apply to virtual auction pieces). 

Safety Precautions

Face coverings/masks will be required during your visit and social distancing guidelines will be in place during your time at River Tree Arts. There are no exceptions to this requirement. In-person visits are capped at 6 individuals - we cannot make any exception that would exceed the 6 person cap. 

To reserve a time slot please select your desired time below. From there you will indicate the number of individuals in your party and be able to check out. We will confirm our reservation by email, and again by phone shortly before your date/time.

Reservations must be secured online with a credit or debit card and cannot be processed by check or phone. 

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